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Building A Custom Bedframe + Moving Into Our Tiny House Construction Site

Over the holidays we have been working steadily on our goal to “move in” to our tiny house, even though it is still a construction site.

Our first step is to sleep in the motorhome, so we set out to do so some weeks ago.

At first, we thought that we would just set up the TARVA queen-size solid pine wood bed frame from IKEA that we already had from the past (in addition to the bed we currently sleep in), but when we set it up in the motor home it didn’t fit. Well, it fit, but there wasn’t much room to walk on each side and the foot of it ran into the corner of the old shower stall that we hadn’t yet removed.

So we decided we really needed a full-size bed. And these are the things you don’t find out when you are simply making drawings.

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How Living in a Tiny House Helps Reverse Climate Change

The other night Larry and I just randomly came across a video on Netflix called Kiss the Ground. And we were stunned. This documentary contains the actual solution for global warming. Watch the two-and-a-half minute video above to learn how Nature has the solution to global warming. I’ll tell you in the next paragraph, but watch the trailer to get the visuals.

Now here is the thing we all need to know that we don’t get taught in school and isn’t in the news. And even Larry and I didn’t know this….

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One Log House

A couple of weeks ago Larry and I drove north on California Highway 101 to escape the wildfire smoke. Just after Leggett, we started entering the redwoods and stopped at a place called One Log House. It’s basically a gift and snack shop, but it also has a house made from one redwood tree.

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The Wolf Professional Chef Stove

Because our new tiny home is only 300 square feet, we needed a stove that was small enough for our tiny house. But there was also another problem. The oven had to be big enough to hold my 12” x 18” half-sheet baking pan that I use for roasting vegetables and other baking and roasting.

We began looking, but of course, in the pandemic shopping environment, there are no apartment size ovens in the typical mass market stores, and even if you can get someone to help you find one in one of their catalogs, you can’t see them before you buy and you have to wait a month for delivery. And it turned out that not all apartment-sized stoves have the same-size ovens. Some would not hold my 12” x 18” pan….

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Sea Star for the Shower

It’s been really smokey here—30 days of hazardous air alerts just ended about a week ago—so Larry and I spent a lot of time driving to the coast, which is about 30 minutes away. We go to a little town called Bodega Bay, where Alfred Hitchccoak’s movie “The Birds” was filmed.

We happened to go one Sunday a few weeks ago to escape the hazardous air and they were having their weekly farmers market, so we stopped to take a loo because we always stop when there is a sign that says “farmers market.”

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Our New Tiny Refrigerator

That orange tinge on the photo is smoke in the air from nearby wildfires.

Back in June Larry and I decided that it was time to buy the new refrigerator and stove that we would eventually install in our tiny house.

Our current kitchen , as you know, is in a corner of my office is so small that we have a very small refrigerator and I do all my cooking with one induction cooktop and a toaster oven.

We very much needed a larger refrigerator and once I started Wholefood Cuisine, I really needed a stove.

So we went shopping for both.

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Progress and Decisions

So we’ve made some decisions, which actually has led to some progress.

One thing I know about life is that once you decide you want something to happen in a certain way it will follow your lead. Uncertainty leads to nothing or some default.

So having made decisions, Larry is at this very moment out working on the motorhome. Yay!

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Kitchen Shelf for My Tiny Kitchen

As I think I’ve mentioned before, we’ve been practicing cooking in a tiny kitchen before we build one for our tiny house.

When I started my Wholefood Cuisine blog a few weeks ago, I was cooking more and needed more countertop space. So Larry and I started looking at how we could rearrange things in the space we had.

One space that wasn’t being well-utilized was a two-foot wide space between the refrigerator and the wall (you can see the space to the right of the refrigerator in the photo at My Tiny Kitchen).

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Seeking Happiness in A Handbuilt School Bus Tiny House

In 2016, a singer and her filmmaker boyfriend set off on a trip across Canada, through Alaska, and drove down the Pacific Highway to the southern tip of Mexico. She had her piano and guitar on board “made it possible to write songs literally in the middle of nowhere.”

But first, they converted a school bus into a tiny house in only three months! All by themselves. And it’s beautiful.

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