Questions About Motor Home Living

Hi Debra

I hope this email finds you and Larry well.

With the pandemic, my husband and I are looking for ways to live and move to different cities safely. We thought about owning a motor home. We do not know personally anyone who have motor homes. But I have been following you and your personal experiences.

Would you mind sharing your experiences living in a motor home?

1). Is a motor home high maintenance? How do you keep up with the water supply, septics, and overall upkeeps?
2). Do you take your home to a special mechanic?
3). Is there electric motor homes or sun powered?
4). Do you have a hard time finding parking?
5). Is it safe to live in a motor home? Robbery issues?
6). How is the heating and cooling system work when the car engine is off?
7) Can you get wifi inside a motor home?
7). Any pros and cons of owning a motor home is much appreciated

I hope you’re staying safe and healthy