My Beautiful Bathroom Faucet—And Why It’s Important That It Is Beautiful

This is a closeup of the faucet we installed in our new temporary bathroom.

I am writing a separate post about it and presenting it to you in all it’s glory because Larry and I chose this faucet for its beauty.

Since beauty is in the eye of the beholder, you may not think it is beautiful, but it is beautiful to us, and it brings me joy every time I walk into the bathroom and look at it.

Many years ago I ran across this quote from William Morris, founder of the Arts & Crafts movement:

Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.

After reading that a number of times, I realized that the way we do things today is we have things that are useful that are not very beautiful and then we “decorate” with things we believe to be beautiful that have no function.

Nontoxu Safe Paint Buying Guide

Lisa Powers, who took over my previous website in 2019 now, has just released a great guide on buying nontoxic paint.

It starts by clearly explaining the toxic exposures that are often found in paint (with links to her sources) and then lists the brands she has found that do not contain these chemicals.

Many of them are tried-and-true brands I have used myself and recommended in the past.

This is the most up-to-date and thorough guide that I know of on the subject.

Our New (Temporary) Bathroom – Yay!

This is our new bathroom! I am so happy about this because we haven’t had our own bathroom for 3 1/2 years while living in Larry’s mother’s house with two of Larry’s siblings. I never knew how much I wanted my own bathroom until I didn’t have one and now I am thrilled to have one at all.

This is our temporary bathroom while we are continuing to build the tiny house in the motorhome. So far, no bathroom there.

This bathroom is attached to our new storage room, and hadn’t been used for years, so we decided to give it a facelift, even though it is temporary. Our rehab was a combination of cleaning up what was there, removing a door and adding shelves, and adding new fixtures and decorations to bring it more up-to-date and be more beautiful and uniquely ours.

We’re Sleeping in Our Tiny House Now!

We’ve been sleeping in our tiny house for almost a week now and WE LOVE IT!

We started out with a one-night trial and had such a great experience we didn’t want to go back to our bedroom in Larry’s Mom’s house and proceeding with our moving plans the following day. Read more about our first night sleeping in the tiny home, our move, and our plans at LIFELY: Our New Home.

Here we wanted to show you the actual bed in the actual space after we told you the story of fitting a bed in this space at all in Building a Custom Bed Frame and Moving Into Our Tiny House Construction Site.

Building A Custom Bedframe + Moving Into Our Tiny House Construction Site

Over the holidays we have been working steadily on our goal to “move in” to our tiny house, even though it is still a construction site.

Our first step is to sleep in the motorhome, so we set out to do so some weeks ago.

At first, we thought that we would just set up the TARVA queen-size solid pine wood bed frame from IKEA that we already had from the past (in addition to the bed we currently sleep in), but when we set it up in the motor home it didn’t fit. Well, it fit, but there wasn’t much room to walk on each side and the foot of it ran into the corner of the old shower stall that we hadn’t yet removed.

So we decided we really needed a full-size bed. And these are the things you don’t find out when you are simply making drawings.