Holiday Break

We made a momentous decision to start sleeping in our tiny house! So we’re working on setting this up and will be back in the new year with a full report.

See you in mid-January!

Debra + Larry

One Log House

A couple of weeks ago Larry and I drove north on California Highway 101 to escape the wildfire smoke. Just after Leggett, we started entering the redwoods and stopped at a place called One Log House. It’s basically a gift and snack shop, but it also has a house made from one redwood tree.

The Wolf Professional Chef Stove

Because our new tiny home is only 300 square feet, we needed a stove that was small enough for our tiny house. But there was also another problem. The oven had to be big enough to hold my 12” x 18” half-sheet baking pan that I use for roasting vegetables and other baking and roasting.

We began looking, but of course, in the pandemic shopping environment, there are no apartment size ovens in the typical mass market stores, and even if you can get someone to help you find one in one of their catalogs, you can’t see them before you buy and you have to wait a month for delivery. And it turned out that not all apartment-sized stoves have the same-size ovens. Some would not hold my 12” x 18” pan….

Questions About Motor Home Living

Hi Debra

I hope this email finds you and Larry well.

With the pandemic, my husband and I are looking for ways to live and move to different cities safely. We thought about owning a motor home. We do not know personally anyone who have motor homes. But I have been following you and your personal experiences.

Would you mind sharing your experiences living in a motor home?

1). Is a motor home high maintenance? How do you keep up with the water supply, septics, and overall upkeeps?
2). Do you take your home to a special mechanic?
3). Is there electric motor homes or sun powered?
4). Do you have a hard time finding parking?
5). Is it safe to live in a motor home? Robbery issues?
6). How is the heating and cooling system work when the car engine is off?
7) Can you get wifi inside a motor home?
7). Any pros and cons of owning a motor home is much appreciated

I hope you’re staying safe and healthy

Sea Star for the Shower

It’s been really smokey here—30 days of hazardous air alerts just ended about a week ago—so Larry and I spent a lot of time driving to the coast, which is about 30 minutes away. We go to a little town called Bodega Bay, where Alfred Hitchccoak’s movie “The Birds” was filmed.

We happened to go one Sunday a few weeks ago to escape the hazardous air and they were having their weekly farmers market, so we stopped to take a loo because we always stop when there is a sign that says “farmers market.”