Interview with Debra and Larry on Healthy Home Show


Back in March, Larry and I were invited to participate in the Healthy Home Summit. We loved this interview so much that we had it transcribed (see below). When you click on the video, if it asks you to subscribe, go ahead. You can always cancel if you want to after you watch it.

Super Tiny Houses: Living in a Van

I found a small series about van conversions for full-time living that has only two videos, but both are great.

I am inspired by these because they both have very clever ideas for storage. Seeing an older woman and a young couple living in this small space made our tiny house look huge to me.

We’re Starting to Use the Space in Our Tiny House

Our first boxes moved into our motorhome from storage, so we can continue reducing unnecessary belonging and see what fits before we begin to build. We’re actually using the space now for a life activity even though we have only done demolition of the old interior.

Today was a big day for us because after all the delay, we finally started actually using the space in our tiny house!

Our big step this week is to move all my things that are still in storage into the tiny house so I can go through another round of elimination while actually in the space. This will give us a sense of what actually fits in the space that we haven’t had before. I also will now have access to things (especially books) that have been in storage for almost 2 1/2 years. I’ll just be able to go into the tiny house and get something I need instead of having it miles away in storage.

Our Favorite Tiny House So Far

We love to watch tv shows and videos about tiny houses to get ideas for ours. We’ve seen a lot of interesting videos, but one stands out so far as our very favorite.

Why we love this tiny house…

How We Bought Our 34-Foot Motor Home for $1500

In January 2018 we finally made a decision to actually BUY a motorhome and get started on the building of our tiny house. This was a big decision to make because we were now committing to actually do the project.

We had no previous experience with motorhomes, so the first thing we needed to do was just find out about them. To begin learning what was available, we went to Fairfield, California because they have many motorhome dealers there by the side of the highway and we would be able to see many different types of motor homes.

Why We Chose to Build Our Tiny House on a Motorhome Chassis


When exploring the building of a tiny house, the first decision you need to make is whether you want the tiny house to be stationary or mobile.

A stationary tiny house is so small that it would be easy to move to a new location if you were moving it to another stationary spot.

But many people who build tiny houses want to be mobile so they can live wherever they choose. Indeed many mobile tiny houses are moved from location to location fairly regularly.