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How Living in a Tiny House Helps Reverse Climate Change

Debra Redalia

The other night Larry and I just randomly came across a video on Netflix called Kiss the Ground. And we were stunned. This documentary contains the actual solution for global warming. Watch the two-and-a-half minute video above to learn how Nature has the solution to global warming. I’ll tell you in the next paragraph, but watch the trailer to get the visuals.

Now here is the thing we all need to know that we don’t get taught in school and isn’t in the news. And even Larry and I didn’t know this.

It turns out that plants have a very important job in nature. Years ago I learned that plants require CO2 to live, just like we humans require O2 (oxygen) and was charmed one day visualizing that I was exhaling the very stuff that trees needed to live and they were exhaling the very stuff I needed to live. And I could just see this exchange going on between me and the trees, keeping each other alive with our “waste” exhalations. That which we no longer needed was vital to another species. and vice versa.

But there is more to it. Plants of all types actually collect carbon and sequester it in soil. This is going on naturally, 24 hours a day, every day of the year, continuously.

The problem is that our industrial lifestyle overwhelms this natural cycle. What we are doing is producing too much carbon, and also decreasing the amount of plant cover that would draw down the oxygen and put it in the soil.

So we need less carbon production and more plants.

The good thing about this is that each of us in our own way can do whatever we can to increase the amount of vegetation cover on Earth. And living in a tiny house with a tiny footprint leaves that much more soil that can be covered with plants.

Our last house in Florida was 1600 square feet. Our tiny house is 280 square feet. That’s about 1300 square feet more soil that can be covered with plants. Where we are living now we actually do not occupy any additional soil. The house is here anyway, occupied by others. We are just increasing occupation density.

I was just happen to see that in addition to all the other benefits, living in a tiny house can help reduce global warming too.

We highly recommend that you watch the entire documentary film Kiss the Ground on Netflix.

And go to https://kisstheground.com for lots more information.

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