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Nontoxu Safe Paint Buying Guide

Debra Redalia

Lisa Powers, who took over my previous website DebraLynnDadd.com in 2019 (now nontoxu.com), has just released a great guide on buying nontoxic paint.

It starts by clearly explaining the toxic exposures that are often found in paint (with links to her sources) and then lists the brands she has found that do not contain these chemicals.

Many of them are tried-and-true brands I have used myself and recommended in the past.

This is the most up-to-date and thorough guide that I know of on the subject.

Find it at NONTOXU: Paint Buying Guide

Lisa is doing a great job carrying on where I left off specializing in nontoxic products. Her site has a lot of my previous work as well as new work of her own. Take a look!