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Our Favorite TIny House So Far

Debra Redalia

We love to watch tv shows and videos about tiny houses to get ideas for ours. We’ve seen a lot of interesting videos, but one stands out so far as our very favorite.

One Man’s Dream Tiny House You Have to See

Why we love this tiny house:

  • whimsical design
  • exterior is made from local woods to “have the spirit of the coast”
  • he considered it to be a “fun and artistic project” (we do too)
  • he did everything himself (we’re doing that too)
  • design evolved as he built
  • design driven by found used materials
  • reused materials + reclaimed items gifted from friends
  • map of local area on the wall
  • live edge wood counter tops

Watch for:

  • the hammered copper kitchen sink
  • end-grain fir floors that look like wood bricks
  • the floating stairs

“This home is a manifestation of parts of who I am because each part of the home contains part of my story.”

He also speaks to the primal process of building his own home and how it contributed to the person he is today.

This visit is truly an inspiration. And he built this tiny house with no previous building experience. We have a lot of building experience, so if he can do this, we should be able to make our tiny house dreams come true too.

This video is part of our favorite tiny house video series Living Big In A Tiny House. We highly recommend watching some of the other videos as well for ideas. "Living Big in a Tiny House is a YouTube show which documents the lives of people around the world who live in unique and interesting small homes. The show explores all kinds of downsized living.” It’s very popular. These videos get millions of views.