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Our New (Temporary) Bathroom – Yay!

Debra Redalia

This is our new bathroom! I am so happy about this because we haven’t had our own bathroom for 3 1/2 years while living in Larry’s mother’s house with two of Larry’s siblings. I never knew how much I wanted my own bathroom until I didn’t have one and now I am thrilled to have one at all.

This is our temporary bathroom while we are continuing to build the tiny house in the motorhome. So far, no bathroom there.

This bathroom is attached to our new storage room, and hadn’t been used for years, so we decided to give it a facelift, even though it is temporary. Our rehab was a combination of cleaning up what was there, removing a door and adding shelves, and adding new fixtures and decorations to bring it more up-to-date and be more beautiful and uniquely ours.

We spent about $400 buying nice accessories at Lowe’s and it was well worth it. The difference was night and day. I don’t have a “before” picture but it was pretty bad.

The room is as you see it in the main photo with a full bathtub/shower unit on the left that goes wall-to-wall and a corresponding closet wall-to-wall on the right. So there is a lot of storage space. We added shelves in the closet and are quickly filling them with storage items and bathroom supplies.

The toilet and cabinet are the originals. We spiffed up the cabinet with a beautiful brushed nickel faucet and matching brushed nickel handles on the cabinet. Just those two small items made such a difference walking in the room. The new faucet make the old sink feel fresh and clean.



The medicine cabinet had an old mirror on it with carving that was not very attractive. I had picked up this wood-framed beveled mirror at our local recycling center for $5, intending it for our tiny house bathroom. it turned out to fit this solid-wood medicine cabinet perfectly in width, but not in length so we just pretended it was the right size and left a little shelf space at the bottom. We’re putting our collection of shells we’ve found on local beaches there. The shells will probably rotate as we find new favorites. We did find that big moon shell on a local beach.




Since bathrooms are all about water, I like to honor water with shells, artwork and other elements related to water.

The two drawings in the lower frames are of sea sprites playing in the water. The top frame is a smiling whale. And the little skinny picture is a bookmark with Japanese renditions of waves. These came from my previous bathroom and will move to the tiny house bathroom when it is built.




Some years ago Larry and I took up the practice off brushing our dry skin before our showers, which removes flaky skin cells, increases circulation and leaves your body invigorated and energized.

Larry burned our names into the handles of our skin brushes and we hang them together on the wall.