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Our New Tiny Refrigerator

Debra Redalia

That orange tinge on the photo is smoke in the air from nearby wildfires.

Back in June Larry and I decided that it was time to buy the new refrigerator and stove that we would eventually install in our tiny house.

Our current kitchen , as you know, is in a corner of my office is so small that we have a very small refrigerator and I do all my cooking with one induction cooktop and a toaster oven.

We very much needed a larger refrigerator and once I started Wholefood Cuisine, I really needed a stove.

So we went shopping for both.

I’ll tell you about the stove in another post soon, but today I just want to tell you about the refrigerator.

Before we could shop, we really needed to determine the largest space we could allow for a refrigerator, which meant we really needed to measure and plan more accurately than we had done to date (more about that in an upcoming post too.)

Once we had our measurements, we went shopping.

We started out at Home Depot, but they didn’t have anything small enough. Then we went to an independent appliance store and finally to Best Buy.

Best Buy had the perfect refrigerator for us.

We purchased the Insignia™ - 10.5 Cu. Ft. Top-Freezer Refrigerator - White Model:NS-RTM10WH0SKU:6339165. $359 plus shipping.

Though we had to wait three months for delivery, we love it! We took it out of the box when it arrived and left it out in the sun with the doors open for about a week. All the plastic smell outgassed in that short period of time.
We put it in our current kitchen to replace the smaller refrigerator. It is, as Goldilocks famously said, “Just right” for our needs.

So that purchase is done and it’s just waiting for us to get to building the cabinet.