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Progress and Decisions

Debra Redalia

So we’ve made some decisions, which actually has led to some progress.

One thing I know about life is that once you decide you want something to happen in a certain way it will follow your lead. Uncertainty leads to nothing or some default.

So having made decisions, Larry is at this very moment out working on the motorhome. Yay!

The Decision to Take the Next Step

A lot of the distractions we had been having during the past 18 months since we purchased the motorhome have now resolved, so we have a lot more time to spend on the motorhome.

The next step after the demolition of the interior was that Larry wanted to make sure the engine was in good running order before we did any work on the home part. Fortunately, Larry is as skilled as a mechanic as he is as a house builder. So he’s been working on getting the engine ready to undergo the California smog test, fixing the springs, power washing the underside of the motorhome, and other such things.

We’ve set a target to have the motorhome in good running condition by our 33rd anniversary on 28 July. We want to go on a little road trip to celebrate 33 years of being together and make sure it runs and we enjoy the experience before we start building.

The Big Decision About the Design

The big uncertainty that has been preventing us from starting the building has been not knowing exactly what we want to build. I have never been a fan of motorhomes, so my idea of building a tiny house was that it would be an actual charming tiny house on a motorhome chassis.

But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that to build a wonderful whimsical tiny house and drive it around would really attract attention.

One day when Larry and I were riding our tandem bike we rode past a mobile tiny house parked on the side of the road. We stopped and looked at it, and then knocked on the door to see if we could ask some questions. The owners were vary gracious and invited us in and we had a nice chat. They let us look at everything.

I got to thinking about this, and that’s actually not what I want. If we were building a tiny house on a private lot, I would want something beautiful inside and out, but I actually want to be inconspicuous driving down the road or leaving our motorhome parked somewhere while we are exploring, and know it’s not attracting attention. I’m even happy we didn’t end up with an airstream trailer because everyone would be looking at it all the time.

The decision now is to leave the exterior as is, and make a beautiful interior. It reminded me of New York City where there are buildings that look terrible on the outside yet have beautiful apartments inside.

So now we can move forward with planning and building the interior, knowing it needs to fit within the existing shell.

The Decision to Get Ready for Fire Season

Another factor that is pushing us right now is fire season. Last October we had to evacuate for a week. It would be much better to just drive away in our motor home.

It doesn’t have to be 100% done to do this. But if we could get it so it runs and finish the interior enough to have a bed, that would make a big difference.