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Questions About Motor Home Living


Hi Debra

I hope this email finds you and Larry well.

With the pandemic, my husband and I are looking for ways to live and move to different cities safely. We thought about owning a motor home. We do not know personally anyone who have motor homes. But I have been following you and your personal experiences.

Would you mind sharing your experiences living in a motor home?

1). Is a motor home high maintenance? How do you keep up with the water supply, septics, and overall upkeeps?
2). Do you take your home to a special mechanic?
3). Is there electric motor homes or sun powered?
4). Do you have a hard time finding parking?
5). Is it safe to live in a motor home? Robbery issues?
6). How is the heating and cooling system work when the car engine is off?
7) Can you get wifi inside a motor home?
7). Any pros and cons of owning a motor home is much appreciated

I hope you’re staying safe and healthy


Hi Jean ~

We actually haven’t started living in it yet, as we are still building it out with the nontoxic interior. We don’t have a deadline to finish because we are living with Larry’s mom, but we want to get it done and are now working on it more intensely.

1. Don’t know that yet. You do have to fill the water tank. We have a composting toilet so there is no septic, but we do need to empty the compost and dispose of it.

2. Larry is our mechanic. You could take it I think to any mechanic that is not specialized to a certain model car.

3. I’ve never seen an electric motor home but one could be custom made. Our living space is solar powered.

4. We haven’t been parking yet, but we have looked into this issue. With a motor home you can part anywhere, even on the street. Walmart allows overnight parking in any of it’s parking lots. State parks in CA are $30/night. I’m sure there are more tips about this online.

5. I think the safety depends on where you are. I wouldn’t park in a bad neighborhood. We’ve made a decision to make our motorhome look like a motorhome on the outside and like a regular home inside, so it’s not a cute “tiny house” on the outside that would attract attention. Just for this reason.

6. Heating and cooling is attached to the power system of the living area.

7. I think you can get wifi but I don’t have all the details on that.

8. Pros and cons.

PROS. Well, we can go anywhere we want whenever we want. We’re not stuck in one place. At this time in our lives we want to travel and explore more and give workshops etc. This way we can be “home” and “away” at the same time. We have control over our environment and don’t have to spend a lot of money on hotels and restaurants in order to travel. It gives us more options. Also, no mortgage. We saved some money to pay for materials and we are doing all the labor, so no mortgage, no property tax, etc. MUCH more economical. Also here we are having a lot of fires. I will be happy when the motorhome is done enough that we can drive away from the smoke and fire if we need to evacuate.

CONS. No garden. No community connections. No ecosystem we belong to.

I’m going to post this on my tiny house blog. I think others have the same questions.