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There are many resources available about building and living in tiny houses—too many to list. We feel confident you will be able to find the tiny house resources you need simply by entering "tiny house" into the search box of your favorite search engine.

Here we will focus on further resources for building your tiny house toxic-free.

We'll be telling you step-by-step the materials we use to building our tiny house toxic-free, but there are many more materials to choose from.

Here are some websites that can help.

My Chemical-Free Tiny House

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If you are particularly sensitive to petrochemicals and need a place to live, this is a good place to start, though it is also a great site for anyone who wants to build a conventional or tiny house. Corinne Segura is a certified Building Biologist, which means she is trained in toxic chemical exposure plus all other aspects of building biology, including mold and EMF exposures. Listen to my radio interview with her at Toxic Free Talk Radio: Tiny House—Toxic Free.

Green Building Supply

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Natural and nontoxic building materials sold by knowledgeable staff with almost two decades of experience. All products are nontoxic and safe and stringently tested by people with MCS before they are added to the site. Descriptions are exceptional and there are MSDS sheets on the contents of most products. They specialize in houses of ordinary sizes, but many of their products are appropriate for tiny houses as well.