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Sea Star for the Shower

Debra Redalia

It’s been really smokey here—30 days of hazardous air alerts just ended about a week ago—so Larry and I spent a lot of time driving to the coast, which is about 30 minutes away. We go to a little town called Bodega Bay, where Alfred Hitchccoak’s movie “The Birds” was filmed.

We happened to go one Sunday a few weeks ago to escape the hazardous air and they were having their weekly farmers market, so we stopped to take a loo because we always stop when there is a sign that says “farmers market.”

I was just starting to walk on crutches that day with my broken knee in a brace.

There was a woman there with some interesting glass pieces she had made. I saw a gold sea star sitting on the table and as a took a step toward it, she picked it up and gave it to another customer.

“I have another one,” she said, “But it’s purple.”

Purple! That was even better. I bought it on the spot. Purple is my favorite color and five-pointed stars are my favorite symbol, so a five-pointed purple sea star would be the perfect thing to design my tiny house bathroom around.

I love it!

If you want one for yourself or want to see what else she has, visit Krista Flood Glass Artist. She’s a very sweet woman and we had a lovely chat. Immediate connection spirit-to-spirit.

I love having pieces like this in my house because they are beautiful and they have a story and a specula connection with the artist.

Here’s about the glass