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We’re Sleeping in Our Tiny House Now!

Debra Redalia

We’ve been sleeping in our tiny house since Saturday 27 February. The mattress and bedding are a hodgepodge and it’s still a construction site, but there are walls and floors and windows and that was enough for us.


We’ve been sleeping in our tiny house for almost a week now and WE LOVE IT!

We started out with a one-night trial and had such a great experience we didn’t want to go back to our bedroom in Larry’s Mom’s house and proceeding with our moving plans the following day. Read more about our first night sleeping in the tiny home, our move, and our plans at LIFELY: Our New Home.

Here we wanted to show you the actual bed in the actual space after we told you the story of fitting a bed in this space at all in Building a Custom Bed Frame and Moving Into Our Tiny House Construction Site.

Because we are downsizing from a queen bed to a full-size bed, our mattress and bedding are all too big, so we are in the process of getting all new mattresses and bedding in the proper size. We’ll tell you all about the new mattress and bedding when we get it.

The only other thing we have in the room is our televeision now on an arm like they have in hospitals. This is perfect for our tiny house.

We are so so so so happy sleeping here we can’t even describe it! We keep saying to each other, “We’re home!” “We’re home!” “We’re home!”

Lots of work ahead to make it all functional and beautiful, but it is our home, we own it, we control it, we get to make all the decisions, and we can’t wait to build it.

We have the opportunity to go spend two weeks up norht on the rugged California coast, but when we return building is going to be full speed ahead.

Stay thuned!