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We're Starting to Use the Space in Our Tiny House—Yay!

Debra Redalia

Our first boxes moved into our motorhome from storage, so we can continue reducing unnecessary belonging and see what fits before we begin to build. We're actually using the space now for a life activity even though we have only done demolition of the old interior.

Today was a big day for us because after all the delay, we finally started actually using the space in our tiny house!

We’re not in a big hurry because we have a place to live, but we also have a lot more process to do before we can completely move into this small space.

Our big step this week is to move all my things that are still in storage into the tiny house so I can go through another round of elimination while actually in the space. This will give us a sense of what actually fits in the space that we haven’t had before. I also will now have access to things (especially books) that have been in storage for almost 2 1/2 years. I’ll just be able to go into the tiny house and get something I need instead of having it miles away in storage.

We actually moved a table in today and about a dozen boxes, so our tiny house is now officially being used as living space! Yay! It’s happening!