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Why We Chose to Build Our Tiny House on a Motorhome Chassis

Debra Redalia

A motorhome chassis provides a secure foundation to which a house frame can be attached.


When exploring the building of a tiny house, the first decision you need to make is whether you want the tiny house to be stationary or mobile.

A stationary tiny house is so small that it would be easy to move to a new location if you were moving it to another stationary spot.

But many people who build tiny houses want to be mobile so they can live wherever they choose. Indeed many mobile tiny houses are moved from location to location fairly regularly.

We decided we wanted to have a mobile tiny house. Most are built on an 8-foot wide trailer chassis. These tiny houses are then towed by a large pick-up truck or van. This added the expense of the truck, plus the added possibility of the trailer fishtailing while driving it down the road.

Another problem with trailers is the ordinances against parking on public streets, though recently this is changing in some areas.

A motorhome would not fishtail. Also, they can be parked for up to three days on virtually any street, and are allowed in designated retail parking lots overnight with no fee. So there is much more flexibility with building a tiny house on the chassis of a motorhome.

We also have an option to tow a car on the back of a motorhome, which is not possible with a trailer that is already being towed by a truck.

Also, if we wanted to go someplace in the world to which we could not drive our tiny house, we could just drive the motorhome and all our possessions into protected storage space, and it would be there, all ready for us when we come home. And if we wanted to, we could ship the motorhome tiny house to almost any continent in the world.

And in our case, where we may need to evacuate from a fire at a moment's notice, we would be able to just drive away and not need to hook up the trailer to the truck.

Once we made the decision to build our tiny house on a motorhome chassis, the next step was to find a motorhome that would provide a suitable chassis for our tiny house.