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Work With Debra

Debra is available to help you find and specify toxic-free building materials for any size home.  

In addition to remodeling her own homes over the past 30 years, as Debra Lynn Dadd she has also worked with architects, contractors, and builders on the homes of numerous clients, from small apartments to 5,000 square foot homes.

As more and more nontoxic options have become available in the building industry, Debra has been helping clients by reviewing materials their clients want to use, to make sure they actually are nontoxic, in addition to recommending and finding materials to meet clients needs.

If you are planning or already doing a new build or remodel, Debra can help you make sure it is toxic-free.


Work With Larry

Larry is available to help with any questions you have regarding building and construction.

Because he has experience working on construction crews and remodeling homes with Debra, he is familiar with most building tasks and knows ways to build with nontoxic materials.



Debra and Larry are also available to inspect homes prior to purchase, for toxic exposures and to plan toxic-free corrections.
There are very few homes on the market that are toxic-free as is.
Debra and Larry know how to choose the best candidates for remodel and to make toxic homes toxic-free.



for 15 minutes (minimum) then $3 per minute

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DISCLAIMER: While we have more than 30 years experience and hundreds of happy clients, we cannot guarantee that there will not be changes in materials or individual sensitivities to materials. We can share what we know from our experience, It is up to you to make your own decisions and take responsibility for the final outcome. We are simply providing information from our experience for you to consider.